Trend Report: Textural Lighting

Textural Lighting Inspiration - Eclectic Goods

Summer is in full swing and I don’t know about you but I am obsessed with this time of year. The warmer temperatures, longer days, and hours spent outdoors majorly boost my mood. Romanticizing all the benefits of June got me thinking about a lighting trend: textural. Extra brightness and natural touches? Feels fitting to me! Just as organic materials have made major waves in home accents, they are taking over light fixtures as well. I love the dash of boho that this look adds to any design. Even in the sleekest of spaces, you can pop in a textured light and immediately make it feel more whimsical.

Talking Textural

Another great thing about textural lights is that you can play with unconventional shapes. Where metal or glass fixtures tend to have clean lines, the trending materials often have unique curvature. This makes them feel like hanging or standing art, only further adding to their allure. Two looks that I can’t get enough of:

  1. An oversized woven chandelier hung over a chic dining room table. For me, we only use our dining room table when we are hosting, so what better way to create a statement of style for your guests to admire?
  2. Two textured pendant lights hung over nightstands. There is plenty of proof for the physical benefits that natural materials provide in interior design, so it feels like a lovely choice to keep close by before you head to sleep each night.

Textural Lighting Inspiration Dining - Eclectic Goods

Get The Look

Our shop is loaded with fixtures that perfectly nail this trend. From palm leaves to rattan to buri ting ting, there are a range of materials that will really shine in your home! As always, click the product name below the image to shop.

ECG Textural Lighting Lookbook

1. Grimes Natural Rattan Pendant 2. Tallis Table Lamp 3. Umar Large Pendant Light 4. Whisper Pendant 5. Tallis Arc Floor Lamp 6. Holden Drum Pendant 7. Nina Rattan Pendant 8. Huxley Oversized Rattan Pendant 9. Spirro Floor Lamp

Image Credits – Cover || Dining Room