Serve Up Style in Your Kitchen

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Decorating can be hard. You have to consider scale, placement, material, color, and texture for each item. It’s no wonder people get decision paralysis when styling their homes. Many focus on the primary areas like living rooms and bedrooms, neglecting the kitchen altogether. Given your kitchen serves as the center of so much daily activity, I find it is one of the best spaces to highlight dashes of your personal style. I don’t mean overloading it with clutter, but creating a few intentional vignettes helps it feel inviting.

For the most part, you’ll need counter or shelf space in order to add some decorative touches to your kitchen. I am fortunate enough to have ample cabinet space, so the only appliances I have on my counters are a toaster, mixer, and espresso machine; everything else is stored until I need utilize it. If surface area is a precious resource, don’t sweat it! Small rugs, stools, and artwork are great ways to add allure without requiring countertop real estate.

If you’re like me and have some room to spare, then here are some of my favorite recipes to spruce up your kitchen. Click the product names to shop.

ECG Kitchen Styling Ideas

Decorative Bowls

Function and flair? You can get both with a decorative bowl. Not only are they a fun way to add detail, but they keep your produce neatly stored. I’ve also seen people use decorative bowls to keep coffee pods, saved wine corks, or mail. Whatever floats your boat or neatens your clutter! My three favorite currently in the shop are:

  1. Found Decorative Bowls
  2. Fray Marble Bowl in Red Dune
  3. Bala Marble Bowl

Cookbook Stacks

I do not have an innate ability to cook, therefore I rely heavily on cookbooks and Pinterest recipes. I love displaying my cookbooks on my countertop. Not only are they pretty (guilty as charged: I judge books by their covers), but it makes them easily accessible when I’m ready to whip up a meal. Take it up a notch by stacking them and adding a cute object on top.

  1. Brass Infinity Knot
  2. Petrified Wooden Balls – Set of Three
  3. African Recycled Glass Beads (shown in blush)


Kitchens are filled with odds and ends, like soap dispensers, sponges, dish brushes, salt and pepper shakers. It can all start to look disheveled. My favorite way to pull these various items together is with a tray. Pop one under your sink essentials and voilà! It instantly feels more polished.

  1. Tadeo Square Tray
  2. Tadeo Round Tray
  3. Emundo Marble Tray in Tumbled Rust

Art + Vase

Adding a small framed art piece and a vase is an easy way to add loads of beauty to your kitchen. If you aren’t able to keep fresh florals around (which I’m totally with you – they are pricey!), there are plenty of dried bunches on Etsy and other online retailers that will last forever.

  1. Zulu Leaf Framed Art with Indigo Ceramic Vase
  2. Vintage Herbarium Framed Linen Art with Hailey Vase
  3. Lush River Framed Art with Primerose Vase

Cover Image Credit: Marie Killam