Vintage Indigo Throw Blanket with with Faux Fur Lining and Trim

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Beautiful hand-woven and dyed indigo cotton blankets from the Dogon tribes of Mali. The fabric is made from hand-woven strips that are stitched together to create a large cloth.  We seek out the very best quality pieces, all were used, loved, and are extremely soft.  Each is  unique and a true work of art. Lined and trimmed with a vegan faux fur throw for a soft and cozy blanket.  Perfect for a nursery and any place you want to cozy up in!

Dimensions:  Approx. 58” X 40″

Colors:  Shades of Blue and Gray

Materials: Vintage Indigo Cotton, Vegan Faux Fur lining and trim


Height: in
Width: 58in
Length: 40in

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