How to Design Your Dream Home Art Studio

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My husband and I are currently traveling in South America and have frequented many art museums along our journey. As a creative myself, I love to see works from all over the world. Whether it is an abstract painting or a fiber installation, it is impressive to see various art forms. Not only do the exhibits help me discover new favorite artists, but the pieces can also serve as inspiration for trying out different techniques on my own. I won’t pretend to be a great artist. The opposite, truly. But I enjoy it and find painting and drawing to be a peaceful activity.

It has been some time since I last practiced art, but all of this time perusing museums has reignited my interest to pick up my brushes again. I think the primary reason that I haven’t created in some time is that I haven’t dedicated a space to do so in our house. We have an office that would serve perfectly as a little studio, so it’s about time that I had this project to our to-do list.

Studio Essentials

Although you can create anywhere, the various materials and messes that inevitably come with the craft make a studio a bright idea. This lets you keep the rest of your home tidy, all while giving you a designated spot to unleash your energy. The size of your workshop doesn’t matter, it is really all about designing a room where you feel inspired and focused. Some key things to consider including in your studio:

  • A desk and comfy chair
  • Shelving or cabinets for storing materials
  • Fun lighting to keep things bright
  • Artwork and decorative objects that bring you joy
  • Speakers for music or podcasts
  • Plants to channel energy
  • A rug to cozy up the room (though possibly forego if you are a painter)

Creative Space

If you are like me and looking to design your very own home art studio, here is a little room board I designed to get your creative juices flowing. It’s all about what makes you feel energized to practice your art, so go wild!

ECG Artist Studio Design Board Lookbook

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Cover Image Credit: JavaBere